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The Ontogen Story

Dr Adrian Adams is the CEO and founder of Ontogen Botanicals, a hemp based CBD brand formulated by Dr Adams with a physician (and his wife) Dr Tanya Adams. Together, they set out to provide the highest quality whole plant hemp products to ensure consumer confidence and to deliver reproducible results. Every Ontogen product is third party tested and properly labeled, so you know your getting a quality product that you might find offered by a healthcare professional or wellness center.

It is Dr Adrian Adams’ belief that we all want to heal ourselves, if we can find a way. After realizing the toll from years of diabetes and physical trauma due to sports injuries, and having several family members with trauma on the inside and the outside, Dr Adrian Adams became convinced that cannabinoids can offer a natural compliment to a healthy lifestyle after experiencing it for himself.

While searching for a solution to multiple medical problems, the Adams doctors found that patients of Dr Tanya’s practice were finding
significant benefits from incorporating CBD into their wellness regimen. But there were so many products out there that were not properly labeled and tested, that it wasn’t hard to imagine that the safest bet was to stick with the NYS dispensary products. And that would be a safe bet, but they don’t offer the option of a product line that exceeds state mandated testing and offer the same or better efficacy while sharing the values of using whole plant and all natural or organically grown hemp extracts. We combine our Ontogen Botanicals CBD with the best ingredients formulated for absorption and bioavailability. The Adams doctors set out to find a natural treatment for their family and for patients to be empowered by this medicinal plant and to help them take charge of their health and wellbeing.

Like some many people, they find the true benefit once they find their correct dose. Botanical medicine and cannabinoid medicine is truly
personalized, and requires careful titration and needs to be supported by a healthy approach to wellness. The power to take charge of your wellness goals starts with a goal oriented approach to health and by providing the body the right environment to heal itself, at any stage of life!

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