Exclusive Physician Formula. Certified Organic hemp, minimally processed into whole-flower extract. Each batch is vegan, kosher, and tested by 3rd party ISO-certified lab for content, potency, & purity. 2 Drops = 5mg, and there are about 600 Drops in a vial!!

Note: The 1500mg has a strong herbal taste (to be expected as it is made from unadulterated, concentrated, organically grown ground hemp flowers). We are focused on your health and take that seriously. We are not in the candy business. If you love the taste of mangoes, use the best CBD value ever… and then eat a mango. Okay, we listened to you folks and kind of caved on flavor… you can also try the new Mint Flavor oil. For the record, like the organic oil itself, it is an organic real mint flavoring.

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