At a dinner with 3 medical marijuana certifying physicians, one doctor asked everyone what CBD products they recommended to their patients. The answer was surprising, none. They didn’t know good from bad. Òne thing they all agreed upon was the sketchiness of the products their patients came in to show them. Many had no CBD whatsoever. Ontogen was born out of the need to create pharmaceutical grade CBD products the doctors could count on and do it at an affordable price. Two of the doctors used a similar 5mg starting dose regimen which at the only area dispensary was $220/month. The same regimen, with a quality Ontogen product, is now less than $50/month. The patients are ecstatic with the results and savings.

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Our portfolio of products will continue to expand, always taking the time and care to make them great.

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At, patients have the option to register to be a participant who shares their results with the research community using online data collection questionnaires. It’s easy, quick, but important to provide cannabinoid therapy evidence. (Although human trials have been ongoing for 3000+ years!)

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